About Time Lapse

The process of Time Lapse explained

What is Time Lapse

Time Lapse Photography is the process of taking a set of still photographs at pre-determined  intervals of an activity or process. The duration of this process can vary greatly, from overnight up to a few years, and anything in between. The time interval between frames may vary depending on a number of factors eg., the project duration, the type of activity being filmed, the amount of detail required, remoteness of the location, to name a few. When a time lapse of 60 seconds between frames is used, the resulting photographs are then stitched together to create a movie of the process.  This offers the viewer a time-compressed overview of the project. (Visit our Projects Page) Regular video is filmed at 25 frames per second (PAL). With time lapse video, 25 minutes of filming is compressed into 1 second.

The resulting advantages of time lapse video productions as opposed to using conventional video include requiring less storage per minute of video, and offers HD resolution. The ability to add regular video clips to enhance the overall product is of course retained.  Depending on the format of the video the client can extract information for research, advertising, procedural refinement, troubleshooting or archiving and many more applications.

With our online monitoring system “Date and time Stamped” images can be viewed and downloaded remotely to a cellphone or PC. This data is sent directly to our server when
the camera has taken a picture. A time lapse video of each day is produced for quick viewing and download of the days activities. This facility has proven to be of immense value for projects located in remote areas around the world. Individuals logging into the same image can now discuss issues on site when situated in different locations around the world.

Time Lapse have various applications and can appeal to Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Arbitration Lawyers, Contractual Disputes, Surveillance as well as assist with your Public Relations and Product Marketing.

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