An overview of our Projects

With the increase in demand for the use of Time Lapse Photography as a medium to market and in a short space of time explain the proses used to arrive at the end product has resulted in us developing our own Time Lapse Units to perform this function.

With our diversified list of happy clients that make use of our units, we are proud to say that we deliver a product of which our clients and ourselves can be proud.

We have numerous projects under construction and completed that speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver high quality “Turn Key” time lapse projects to our clients.

With our online monitoring system “Date and time Stamped” images can be viewed and downloaded remotely to a cellphone or PC. This data is sent directly to our server when
the camera has taken a picture. A time lapse video of each day is produced for quick viewing of the days activities. This facility has proven to be of immense value for projects located in remote areas around the world. By having parties log into the same image they can now discuss issues on site, (being on the same page).

Please visit  “OUR PROJECTS” page to view a testimonial of our achievements.