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"Our Clients always come First"

Timelapse is our Passion

We love nothing more than to do time lapse projects. We believe it to be the most creative service ever presented to the Industry and only wish that our countries infra-structure could support a more efficient wireless system, but we are always on the look out for improved options.

Time Lapse have various applications and can appeal to Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Arbitration Lawyers, Surveillance as well as assist with your Public Relations and Product Marketing.

Quality of our Equipment

Everyone in this industry knows that the best equipment results in better projects.

Projects quality is subject to both equipment and the experience of effective placement. At PGP Timelapse Solutions have developed a specific strategy when it comes to being effective with our equipment.

Customer always comes First

We at PGP Time Lapse Solutions believe that our Customers requirements come first and their projects therefore treated with ABSOLUTE confidentially at all times. No information will be published without written permission.

It is for this reason why we spend time with YOU determining what is the best time lapse solution for your project.

With our 40 years of experience in the construction industry we make suggestions to camera positions as a project develops.

Time Lapse have various applications and can appeal to Architects, Property Developers, Project Managers, Building Contractors, Investors, Arbitration lawyers, and assist with your Public Relations and Marketing.



We have developed our own stand alone solar powered units for your industrial site.
The unit is robust and able to withstand most harsh industrial environments.
One of the greatest benefits of this unit is that it can be easily installed, safely and quickly in any position on most structures without to much effort. Photographic data is then simply uploaded at regular intervals for quicker post video production processing

We want to become the most trusted company in SA when it comes to Timelapse Solutions.


We aim to serve our customers by ensuring we keep up with technology and develop systems that are user friendly and able to withstand the harsh environments on the African Continent.

Market Share

We are trusting that our product and services is of such a standard that we will take 45% of the timelapse market by the end of 2016


PGP Timelapse Solutions is a sister company of PG photography. We have been of service to the Industry for over 40 years.

With the confidence of our customers, and keeping abreast of the advancement in the film and photographic Industry, we are equipped to serve the larger Industrial and Engineering community, both locally and abroad. We take pride in becoming one of the most respected time lapse photographic solutions companies in South Africa.

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