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What is Time Lapse ?

Time Lapse Solutions

We offer both Short term and Long term Time Lapse Solutions to our customers. Our units are locally designed and manufactured for African conditions. Each timelapse system can be easily installed and effectively secured or mounted for the best results for your project. So no additional mounting brackets, etc.  These systems are solar powered to overcome the delays involved in securing electrical power from other sources, thereby ensuring zero downtime as a result of load shedding or general power failures common on most construction sites.

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Photographic Stills

We are specialists in industrial still photography for various applications. Many of our photographs have won awards. There are both practical and advertising value to these still photos. Over the duration of your project we can take stills which can be used as a reference for similar projects in the future or as additional material for your final video production.

Video Post Production Services

To complement your timelapse films, PGP Time Lapse Solutions can also undertake documentary and interview-based HD film footage for your project.
We have a professional post-production facility to put together time-lapse and straight film clips as and when required. We produce finished videos as quickly as you need them.

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Award winning Photography

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Long and Short term Timelapse

For all our Time Lapse projects we provide:
• Selecting best camera positions (Vantage Points)
• Production of regular video updates for the duration of the project, as required
• Secure back-up and safe keeping of all images (Data)
• Production of a video of the project for presentations and progress meetings as required

Our managed shoots give you the extra benefit of capturing an important part of your project in more dynamic detail. This has been used to great effect with over-night construction projects, such as concrete sliding and long term concrete pours.

Our Commitment

With 40 years of experience in the construction industry we can assist you in selecting the best vantage points for capturing that all important moment. Positioning of the camera unit is vital in securing the ultimate time lapse results of your project.

Our Equipment

Initial positioning of the Time-lapse units is vital in securing the optimum coverage of timelapse projects.
With our locally manufactured robust solar powered systems designed for all weather conditions, we can capture from any position around your site and in the remotest of areas.
We also have units powered by AC power for internal use, factories etc.
Our purpose-built units can be mounted in strategic positions for best viewpoint advantage.
(If we don’t have the mounting bracket for your application in stock, we will design and manufacture one)
Contact us for more information or a quotation.

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